Occupying 12th place in Artreview's Power 100 ranking, Adrian Cheng is one of the world's foremost art collectors. However, his passion took him to a higher level beyond comprehension. Follow through this article who Adrian Cheng really is and the presentation of some of his exploits.

Adrian Cheng: synopsis

Married to Jenifer Yu, Cheng started his career as a simple banker in Goldman Sachs and UBS. In 2002, Adrian Cheng left his position as a banker at UBS and joined the family business known as Chow Tai Jewerly Group, where he held the position of executive director. Five years later, he became a member of the administrative board of New World Development, a company based in Hong Kong. Over the years, he rose through the ranks and subsequently became executive vice-president in 2005. Note that Adrian Cheng has a younger brother Brian Cheng and a younger sister Sonia cheng.

A great collector of works of art

Adrian Cheng's success is based above all on his passion for works of art. For this reason, he has created several shopping museums, the first of which in 2009 is called K11 shopping center in Hong Kong, more precisely in Tsim Sha shui. Some time later, it set up a branch in Shanghai city, Shenyang and Wuhan.

Hong Kong's largest developer

In addition, his love and his passion for art objects led him to another greater vision. Adrian Cheng also becomes a great developer. It recently set up a new seaside district weighing 1.4 billion Shenzhen. This new cultural and commercial complex is comparable to 50 football pitches. In addition, other cultural and commercial complexes are under construction. To achieve this, he recruited great collaborators including architects of great reputation, Chinese artists and also major international investors.