There is a wide range of musical instruments, some more fascinating than others. In this panoply we find the indispensable musical instrument: the Tongue drum. What is the Tongue drum? What is so special about it? Answers can be found in this extract.

What is the Tongue drum?

It is an instrument that has its origins in the Hang drum. Find out more about the tongue drum here. It was made from the bottoms of cut up gas bottles. Once the round shape is obtained, the instrument is lasered to make the tongues called Tongue. It is these tongues that give the instrument its sound. This is why the instrument is called a Tongue drum. To produce sound with the Tongue drum, one uses the hands or mallets with latex tips. There are different types of Tongue drums. There is the minor scale and the major scale. The minor scale is used to produce calm and soothing music while the major scale is used to produce a more convivial atmosphere.

Use made of the Tongue drum

The music provided by the Tongue minor scale has made it very popular in performing meditations, yoga and many other relaxation practices. This same music has the power to penetrate deep into the mind of the listener to produce a unique feeling of relaxation. On the other hand, the music produced by the Tongue drum helps to combat stress and anxiety. It helps you to concentrate better. It also has a certain power over diseases. It allows one to better bear pain. It also makes the listener feel happier. This music also replaces sleeping pills by promoting sleep.