Advances in technology have led to the birth of mobile phones. As a result, many people have acquired these devices and use them for many purposes, including communication. So, some users send SMS messages to each other instead of making phone calls. In this article, you will discover the advantages of sending SMS.


The messages you send to friends or anyone else often go unnoticed the way you click this link here now. This is because messages are handwritten, unlike phone calls which require the verb. So you can communicate to a friend during a meeting without being revealed to anyone. Only the person you are talking to can acknowledge your message. No one else can interfere with your communication. There is no need for silence before sending a message as is the case with a phone call.

The low cost of communication

SMS messages generally cover few pages. In case you need to write a long message to a friend, you have to write the message in several steps. GSM operators then place little value on the messages, as they do not consume enough data. Because of this, the cost of an SMS is lower than that of a phone call. The credit you spend on a one-minute call, for example, can be used to write an SMS of several pages.

Automatic recording of messages

Another advantage that justifies the choice of SMS is the fact that they are saved in a device as soon as they are written and sent. This means that you can easily retrieve these messages whenever the need arises. Saved messages can be used as evidence in particular circumstances. Furthermore, it is easy to duplicate an SMS while sending it to several recipients with just one click. All that is needed is to select the recipients and to have mobile data or credit.

The low weight of SMS

Phone messages are known for their small size. As such, they do not take up enough space on a phone's internal memory. This advantage allows you to store a lot of SMS messages on your phone without having to delete them from time to time.