We often dream of distant and heavenly destinations, but ultimately, and for many of you, the determining factor in organizing a trip is the price. It is therefore necessary to know how to travel cheaper so as not to spend all your annual budget on a simple long weekend. Through this article, discover 3 tips that will allow you to go on vacation cheaply.

Be flexible on the destination

Do you really want to travel without spending too much ? So there’s only one thing to do : be flexible. For more information, see C86 News. Indeed, if you have a specific destination in mind and the prices of plane tickets are very expensive to reach this place, this will necessarily weigh in your travel budget. Some destinations are more expensive than others, and the ticket price tends to put weight in the balance. This is why it is advisable to be flexible about your destination. Do not promise yourself that you will go at any cost to such and such a country, that you are going on a trip. In order to travel cheaper by plane, you can for example make a list of the places you would like to visit and then compare the flights to these destinations.

Travel without checked baggage

Traveling with checked baggage can quickly increase your travel budget. Indeed, with some airlines, the price of checked baggage can vary from €15 to €50 per bag. It would be best to travel light and bring only your essentials. This will allow you to put everything in a cabin bag which is free with many airlines. If you tend to leave with two suitcases, rest assured, you will evolve over the course of your travels. To reduce your stuff, don’t hesitate to pack your suitcase as usual and then sacrifice 5 items inside, and another 5 if it’s not too difficult… You will see that with force, you will find plenty of solutions.

Opt for off-season travel

You may know : certain times of the year are cheaper than others to travel. For this, it is necessary to avoid the Christmas and summer holidays, which are undoubtedly the most expensive times of the year to go on vacation. Thus, opting for off-season travel will allow you to travel cheaper. Indeed, many destinations in Europe are served all year round. So, if you are wondering how to travel cheap by plane, it is possible to find return flights in autumn, winter and spring for less than 30€ for Andalusia, Majorca, Malta, or even Sardinia.