Many people like wooden windows more than iron or metal ones. This is just because of the aesthetics it gives to the house or flat when painted. Therefore, painting becomes essential. However, painting a wooden window is not as complicated as many think. You just need to follow a few procedures. Here are our valuable tips.

Choosing your paint in advance

It's all about the paint. It is the most ideal and important element in wood window painting. It is the basic element. This being the case, you should choose a paint that will not only give a luminous shine, but will also contribute to the efficiency of the wood.

We advise you to choose a paint that protects and decorates the wood and does not necessarily require an undercoat. The paint should be highly resistant to impact and temperature variations as well as to weathering. One of the characteristics that must be taken into account is that the paint must be washable and must be resistant to detergents. You can opt for alkyd resin-based paints, acrylic paint, acrylic resin-based paint and glycerol paint. It is advisable to research each paint to find out its specific appearance.

 Some steps to follow to paint your wooden window

Successfully painting your wooden windows requires a few procedures and principles that should not be ignored. The first thing to do is to open the window and remove it. It should be placed in a special place where nothing will disturb you. You can place it in a trestle.

Then you have to scrape the wood of the window with a brush, sand it with fine-grained sandpaper and clean it. You should also mask any rough spots or small openings with painter's tape. To start the actual painting, first fill the brush with paint and apply it to the wood of the window following the lines of the wood. If there was an old paint job, it is important to apply an undercoat first.