The Christmas season along with its atmosphere, smells and warm lights is one of the favorite moments of all time. The foods and the drinks take over kids and adults; everyone looks forward to gathering around for Christmas. In the meantime, there is also the advent calendar that actually introduces us into this wonderful world. Describing the period of time before the celebration of Christmas, the advent calendar is a set of compartments containing a gift for all the days during the four last weeks before Christmas. Willing to know how to create your advent calendar? Today's post is indeed dedicated to that!

Find the suitable type of advent calendar

The very first thing you should do before making your advent calendar is to find a suitable one. Actually, the advent calendar is mostly defined according to the gifts it contains. And can tell you more about it. But for now, you should know that there are several types of advent calendars you can make, depending on your preferences (or the person who is going to receive it). 
For example, there are drink advent calendars that are designed for everyone. They can be composed of beers, wine, or any other kind of drink. For example, you can make an advent calendar made of beer or wine only, but it is up to you to make the one that is suitable for you. You can also make a beauty and wellness products advent calendar. This one includes cosmetics, and they will totally be amazed if you offer it to a woman.  
Apart from these, there are also chocolate, cheese and other gastronomic products that can definitely make your advent calendars. But if you want to surprise your kids, little cousins, nephews and nieces, you can ultimately try out a toy advent calendar. Finally, naughty and sexy advent calendars will melt the hearts of your adult friends.

Purchase the items composing the box

After you find the type of advent calendar you would like to make, the next step is to purchase the items that are going to compose your box. In fact, those items shall fit in all the compartments that are in your box. That said, you should know that all the compartments have the same size and shape. So, you should think about the shape you want your advent calendar to have. 
And as any other significant gift, this will require attention; so be delicate with it. Moreover, the materials you are going to use for your advent calendar may vary. You can also do it yourself or opt for the traditional pockets and boxes sold by companies or brands.

Choose the box of the advent calendar

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, there are many options to help you design your advent calendar box. To make it quickly and easy, you can make a square or rectangular calendar along with drawings and colors. For example, you can add Christmas tree drawings to embellish the box.  
If you want your advent calendar to be unique, you can always try out a house-shaped, a Christmas tree-shaped box or a clock-shaped box. These are some of the most original shapes you can ever use for your advent calendar. Ultimately, you can create a pocket to hang the items on the same support.  
Once these are done, you may embellish your advent calendar as it pleases you.