A good day starts with a good breakfast. Having a good breakfast allows you to face the day in a good mood. It is also important for proper maintenance of the body. However, how do you go about having a quality breakfast? This article will show you that.

What to eat?

It is important to eat well for breakfast, not a lot but well. If you're looking for information from an official source, read the rest of the article. Your food should consist of protein, fruit, a little fat. The fruit is essential because it provides you with fiber and vitamin C. It is advisable to eat it whole to take advantage of its fibers. Eat sourdough bread with organic scrambled eggs or as an omelet.

What to drink

Drinking water is very important in the morning. You should also take homemade fruit juice. Good hydration allows you to fight against fatigue and promotes good concentration during the day. Organic herbal teas and infusions are good for the body and have health benefits. But you should avoid adding sugar to it. As for coffee and tea, it will be necessary to moderate its intake. If you want to take it, take green tea for its antioxidant properties which prevent several diseases. Green tea also contains caffeine which keeps you awake throughout the day and stimulates your brain.

Is breakfast compulsory?

Breakfast is not compulsory. You don't have to force yourself if you aren't hungry. You can skip this meal at times. This allows your body to digest well during this rest period. But you have to eat well balanced the rest of the day if you don't eat your breakfast. It is important not to snack during the day if you are hungry by mid-morning. Instead, have a real balanced snack with fruit, a handful of oilseeds and yogurt.