Building a deck doesn't happen overnight. It requires a good budget, and in addition, a study on the dimensions is necessary. What size for a deck?

Choose your size according to your needs

The size of your deck should be chosen according to your needs and the space available for its foundation. For this, if you want a terrace that can keep a table and 4 chairs, an area of 5 to 10 m² is recommended. To gain more space, a terrace of at least 10 to 15 m² is required. If you lack information on the ideal dimensions of a terrace, look at this. Indeed, the dimensions of your deck must be taken into account, and likewise, you must think about how you want to use your deck during your warm days. Do you want a small family side table, with a garden bar, with a sunbathing place, with a barbecue area? It will be good to imagine its utility before thinking about the construction. To know in advance the size of your future terrace, it is necessary to retrieve the plans of your house at the scale 1 cm = 1 meter; make many photocopies to draw many versions of your future terrace.

What width for a deck?

The width of a deck is a necessary point to consider. It should measure 2.50 to 3 meters. This will allow you and your guests to circulate well around the spaces, once the chairs and table are installed. A space of 80 cm can be left on each side of your table to keep the chairs. It is a good idea to place your terrace to the south to benefit from the sunshine. Apart from that, keep in mind that before building a terrace with a size of 20 m² at most and a height of 69 cm, a building permit from the town hall is required.