As of 1 April 2021, most visitors to Quintaro Roo will be required to pay the visitax. This is a new tax adopted by the government and is aimed at tourists over the age of 4. But how do you pay it? The opportunity for you to find out in this article.

Visitax: what is it about?

Visitax is a tax adopted since 2020 by the Quintaro Roo parliament, but which has been in force since 1 April 2021. It is a monetary consideration that visitors must pay to access and stay in the state during a given period. More details on the Tourist Tax Mexico in this article. Its main purpose is to raise funds to develop local tourism. It is mandatory for people who wish to visit the Quintaro Roo and its tourist sites such as Cancum, Tulum, Cozumel Island, etc. The visitax is mainly intended for visitors over 4 years of age who wish to visit the state for financial or tourist reasons. However, it is not intended for people who go there to study or for medical treatment. Its payment entitles you to a permit that allows you to stay in the state in peace.

How to pay the Visitax?

First and foremost, note that the visitax can be paid at once for family or group travel with individually issued receipts. The Quintaro Roo government offers travellers the option of paying before the trip, during their stay or at the end of the trip when they leave the city. This is because proof of payment is only required at the end of your stay. It can be paid in two ways, either through a virtual portal or at the airport. Paying via a website is the best solution, as it bypasses the long queue at the airport. Once the traveller has accessed the site, he or she will be asked to fill in certain information on a form, including first and last name ; gender age; and passport number e-mail address, etc. Once the form has been filled in, the traveller will have to pay the fees using an electronic payment method. A few minutes later, he/she will receive a QR code in his/her e-mail account which represents the proof of payment.