Four groups meet at the same time and location in seperate rooms:

  • Parents & Caregivers - MIND auditorium - facilitated by Lynne Weissmann
  • ASD Adult Support Group - 18 years and older - upstairs in the board room
  • ASD Coaching group - 16 years and older - upstairs in the meeting room next to the board room
  • Women Partners of Men with AS - meeting room inside front entrance

Founded in 1995, the Sac AS IS Parents & Caregivers group maintains a focus of sharing information and giving support. We have speakers and presenters on topics of interest periodically. Participants come from Sacramento County and the surrounding counties in each direction. Caregivers, parents, partners, spouses, professionals and all those interested in individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) including Asperger Syndrome (AS), High Functioning Autism (HFA), Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS) are welcome to our meetings. Additionally those individuals diagnosed with Non-verbal Learning Disorder (NLD) and Semantic-Pragmatic Learning Disorder (SLD) will find the information helpful. There is a $5 fee per per person for each meeting.

The Sac AS IS ASD Adult Support Group was formed in 2002 for individuals 18 and older with ASDs to give them a safe place to support each other, socialize and exchange ideas and thoughts. The group is not meant to take the place of professional therapy, but rather gives the participants a place to talk and practice social interaction. It is facilitated by Susan Bacalman, LCSW, and her colleagues. Prior to attending the first time, please contact Lynne Weissmann, LWeissmann at aol.com. [replace the at with an @ symbol]

The Sac AS IS ASD Coaching Group was formed in late 2006. It's focus is helping ASD individuals 16 and older with social and conversation skills training and thereby acquire strategies to function successfully in interpersonal relationships at home, school, work and in the community. It is facilitated by Marilyn Perry, PhD, and colleague Shabana Soomar. Prior to attending the first time, please contact Lynne Weissmann, LWeissmann at aol.com. [replace the at with an @ symbol]

New participants are welcome to visit both the coaching and/or support group to help them decide, but should not try to do it in one visit. We suggest he/she visit one then the other on separate nights so they will get a better feel for each overall by staying for the full session.

A light snack is served at both the adult support and coaching groups meetings.

We maintain an e-mail list of over 600 addresses and growing. Through this list we send out reminders about meetings and other information and resources. If you would like to be added, contact LWeissmann at aol.com. [replace the at with an @ symbol]

Sac ASIS groups are not affiliated with the U.C. Davis MIND Institute.